The Fortis Bridge Bench

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$495.00 U.S.D.

Our bridge bench allows for a much more natural, comfortable bridge off the floor so the user can think about bridging hard against resistance and not about discomfort. When standing, if you flex and then fully extend your hips, your upper body and head will naturally move upward and backward. Also, your back angle will change considerably. When you bridge with your back against the floor or against a fixed bench these natural movements are impaired. Our bridge bench solves these problems. It provides a sturdy, ergonomic and dynamic back support to allow you to complete this movement with or without heavy resistance in an effective way. It also adjusts up and down to accommodate anyone’s natural limb length and provide a longer range compared to a bridge off of the floor. This exceptional multi-joint exercise can now be done with maximal comfort and effectiveness.

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Frame Colors
Upholstery Colors

For vinyl the standard color is black. For any other colors there will be a $100.00 additional charge.
For metal frames standard colors include: white and black. For any other colors there will be a $100 additional charge.

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For vinyl the standard color is black. For any other colors there will be a $250.00 additional charge.
Non-slip, high grip vinyl is available in black only.
For metal frames standard colors include: white and black. For any other colors there will be a $250 additional charge.
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Length: 24 inches (approx.)
Width: 20 inches (approx.)
Height: 18.5 inches (approx.)
Weight: 25 pounds (approx.)

Dimensions are for assembled equipment.
Shipping dimensions may be much less.
Equipment in pictures may not be exactly as shown.

Shipping is not included in list price.

Additional Information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 20 in

Black-US-393, Adobe White-US 394, Alabaster-US 396, Alpine-US 530, American Beauty-US 360, Artichoke-US 527, Bisque-US 409, Blue Ridge-US 427, Bone-US 404, Bristol Blue-US 515, British Tan-US 365, Bronze-Us 523, Camel-US 387, Capri Blue-US 514, Chestnut-US 375, Cinnamon-US 377, Cinnibar-US 520, Coral Sand-US 502, Crocus-US 433, Dark Cherry-US 507, Deep Violet-US 511, Dewberry-Us 424, Doe-US 519, Dove-US 413, Dusty Jade-US 417, Dutch Blue-US 518, Fjord Blue-US 517, Forest-US 344, Froth-US 501, Gingersnap-Us 396, Goldenrod-US 324, Grape-US 509, Gray Moss-US 525, Greystone-US 425, Grotto-US 426, Gunmetal-US 392, Imperial Blue-US 432, Ivory-US 500, Lilac-US 508, Mauve-US 415, Mocha-US 381, Northwoods-US 528, Oak-US 421, Olive Green-US 529, Paprika-US 370, Parchment-US 385, Peach-US 406, Pink-Us 503, Plum-US 361, Putty-US 403, Raspberry-US 362, Regimental Blue-US 432, Rosalee-US 504, Rose-US 412, Rouge Red-US 505, Royal-US 354, Sage-US 526, Sand-US 384, Sangria-US 506, Shell-US 402, Sky Blue-US 516, Space Blue-US 353, Sunset-Us 521, Surf-US 513, Taupe-US 410, Tea Rose-US 416, Terra Cotta-US 376, Tomato-US 358, Turquoise-US 419, Vicuna-US 401, Wedgewood-US 414, Woodrose-US 423, Yew Green-US 350

Frame Colors

HB-138-LT-Black Sandtex, EB-103-S-Satin Black, HA-100-G-Dark Grey, HA-101-H-Furniture Grey, HA-102-G-ASA-70 Grey, HA-105-H-Global Grey, HA-107-M-Cabinet Grey, HA-112-G-252 Grey, HA-118-L-Taupe, HA-120-M-Granite, HA-149-M-New Silver, HA-194-M-Gor-Don Grey, HA-353-M-Graphite Dark, HB-101-H = Mirror Black, HB-102-MT-Texture Black, HB-120-M-Semi-Gloss Black, HC-112-M = Semi-Gloss Clear, HG-266-G-520 Dark Green, HG-344-G-Dark Green, HG-347-M-Spring Green, HI-100-S = Speaker White, HI-102-H = Antique White, HI-105-G China White, HI-106-M = Nevada, HI-108-H = Bone White, HI-112-G = Champagne, HI-350-LT = Latte Sandtex, HL-103-H-Mercury Blue, HN-200-LT-Espresso Sandtex, HO-123-M-Tiger Orange, HR-105-H-Fire Red, HR-117-H-Cola Red, HR-122-G-Brake-Shoe-Red, HR-186-G-Bordeau, HR-2290M-Fire, HW-100-H = Snow White, HW-121-H Pure White, HW-157-G = PWD 500 White, HY-127-H = Yellow Ribbon, HY-150-M-Mellow-Yellow

5 reviews for The Fortis Bridge Bench

  1. Omar Isuf

    It makes an awkward moment intuitive and easy to do

  2. Oliver Robles

    I get more glute engagement compared to using a bench

  3. Chanel Nolet

    The glute bridge machine is amazing if only for the fact that it moves along with your lower back/lumbar region as opposed to the standard older method of this movement where you are, essentially, hanging off a bench where your lumbar is at constant risk of being injured if not engaged properly. This machine eliminates that all together and performs great with light and heavy loads.

  4. Eason McLaughlin

    If you enjoy hip thrusts then this makes a for the perfect bench to do thrusts. Extremely comfortable and stable and much improved compared to a fixed bench

  5. Eleni Scott (Dwell 24/7 Gym)

    The Bridge Bench is an effective compact machine. It?s easy to use and safe. Female members are particularly drawn to it. Biomechanically it takes you thru a controlled range of motion isolating the Glutes. It’s a Good Ouch!

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