The Fortis Push-Up Harness

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The “push-up” is one of the simplest, most effective exercises known. Finally, now you can scale this amazing exercise with unlimited resistance. This harness provides free, natural and unencumbered movement. The resistance aligns comfortably right over your own center of gravity. Adjust hand or foot height for inclines, declines and variable grip push-ups of all kinds. Practice your bench press “lock out” with great effectiveness.

This harness is great for changing up and reversing the bench press exercise by effectively getting off a bench for a while, or just great assistance work. This harness is also highly effective for strict lower back work by adding resistance to back extensions. The Fortis Push-Up Harness is absolutely safe since you must be able to rip the weight off the floor right from the start to use it.

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The weight of the Fortis Push-up harness is approx. 6 pounds.

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Additional Information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 in

2 reviews for The Fortis Push-Up Harness

  1. Omar Isuf

    More comfortable than the conventional weighted vest and allows for more and safer overload

  2. Eleni Scott (Dwell 24/7 Gym)

    The Weighted Push-up station is a unique, crowd pleaser, quality piece of equipment. It enhances the experience of a push up. Clients smile at the experience of fitting the harness, it feels so athletic. The Machine can be adjusted in width to fit all body sizes. The handles also adjust allowing for members to change and play with angles.

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