About Us

Fortis Fitness gym was inspired by and modelled after many of the finest, most successful strength facilities in the world.  Most of those facilities are not open to the public.  In contrast, the goal of Fortis Fitness has always been to introduce anyone, regardless of experience to the most effective equipment, methods, and ideas so successfully used by elite athletes.

Our members range from beginners to some of the strongest, fastest people in the world.  Our equipment must effectively and safely provide optimal development and progression for all, regardless of experience or strength level.   

Over the years, we found that much of the typical commercial gym equipment available would not satisfy our unique requirements.   Much of what we needed did not even exist.  Consequently, we began to design and create our own gym equipment.  All of our equipment was borne out of the necessity to create the greatest possible results for our members.


Our requirement standards include:

  • Safety – no one should be worried about possible injury if they “miss a rep”
  • Function – as close to anyone’s “free form” human movement as possible
  • Effectiveness – maximal results, better than alternative equipment options
  • Maximal Resistance – virtually no limit to the amount of resistance that may be used

We have refined and modified each piece of Fortis Fitness equipment based on years of actual use at our gym.  Our equipment and the results it produces are our proof of success.  Fortis Fitness equipment will provide the same excellent results for you.   

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