LBRT Couch Pillow

$49.00 U.S.D.

Lower back relief!

Do you experience lower back pain?   The LBRT pillow is the new, truly effective solution.

Our lower backs naturally curve inward.  Here, our back is under the greatest load.  That position is constant – when we walk, run, sit, drive and even sleep.  Our lower spine and the muscles which reinforce it never get a rest – this can lead to chronic lower back pain.

By gently flattening or slightly reversing the inward curve of the lower back, the LBRT pillow provides a controlled decompression for exceptional relief, comfort and therapy.  Those over-worked lower back muscles finally get to turn off, rest and stretch out.  The relief and comfort is immediate.

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LBRT FULL VIDEO 1MIN 112423 from Fortis Equipment on Vimeo.