Reach your personal fitness goals – quickly and permanently!

Ever wonder how the diet & fitness industry is almost $60 billion dollars per year, but our society has never been fatter or more riddled with chronic disease?

Here are a few reasons to strength train: 

  • Fastest, most efficient way to build new muscle! 
  • Highest increase in resting metabolic rate
  • Greater function – strength and power
  • Shorter workouts, 45 – 60 minutes
  • Less workouts per week – 2 or 3 is all you’ll need
  • Stronger bones
  • Stronger connective tissue
  • Improved central nervous system function

Here are a few great reasons to train with Fortis equipment!


Fortis equipment’s self-spotting features ensure the highest safety standards


As close to anyone’s “free form” human movement as possible


Maximal results, better than alternative equipment options


Virtually no limit to the amount of resistance that may be used 

Tips you are in the wrong gym:
  • You are surrounded by vain, arrogant men and women, who are constantly staring at themselves in the mirrors
  • There are rows of “cardio” equipment, and tons of shiny, muscle-isolating machines
  • There are no power-racks, platforms, chains or chalk
  • When you ask the staff a training question they either don’t know or cannot back up what they say with a substantial, scientifically proven answer or site a credible source
  • There is no useful, scientifically proven information regarding diet, the basic physiology of fat loss or building muscle
  • The staff at your gym constantly push you to buy personal training packages
  • People gawk at you when you do a floor press, a box squat or if you “miss” on a lift
  • People keep to themselves; no one is helpful, no one seems positive
  • No one seems to know how to “spot” a lift correctly
  • Few if any members (or trainers) know how to correctly execute free weight exercises
  • Few if any members or staff know the first thing about effective, optimal programming
  • People are going through the motions, but no one seems to be improving physically
  • You get yelled at (again) for dropping a heavy dead-lift or a power clean


Horizontal Row Machine 

Chest Supported Row 

Low-Bar Safety Squat Bar