The Fortis Bench Press

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$1,995.00 U.S.D.

A revolutionary bench press. It is simply the safest, most effective bench press available. Tried and tested at our gym for years. The Fortis Bench Press is inherently safe because you can bench and attempt to bench heavy weight with no fear whatsoever. You will never need or want “spotters”. The moving bar holders allow for optimum shoulder health when un-racking the bar. The Fortis Bench Press is highly effective because now you can lift with total intensity since you will be completely confident that you are safe. Now you will truly test yourself and safely try that one extra rep.


Frame Colors
Upholstery Colors

For vinyl the standard color is black. For any other colors there will be a $100.00 additional charge.
For metal frames standard colors include: white and black. For any other colors there will be a $100 additional charge.

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For vinyl the standard color is black. For any other colors there will be a $250.00 additional charge.
Non-slip, high grip vinyl is available in black only.
For metal frames standard colors include: white and black. For any other colors there will be a $250 additional charge.
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Length: 68 inches (approx.)
Width: 51 inches (approx.)
Height: 58 inches (approx.)
Weight: 270 pounds (approx.)

Dimensions are for assembled equipment.
Shipping dimensions may be much less.
Equipment in pictures may not be exactly as shown.

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Additional Information

Weight 320 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 60 in

17 reviews for The Fortis Bench Press

  1. Gabriel Capua

    I feel safe and I’m NOT afraid to go heavy! The extra grip and width makes it easy to set up perfectly

  2. Omar Isuf

    Best bench press I’ve ever used! The addition of the face protector on the safeties is handy and the bench is incredibly sturdy. It eliminates the need for a spotter or handoff

  3. Hilary Lederer (Force Of Nature Strength and Conditioning)

    Hooks are wide enough that my fingers aren’t crushed with a wide grip. Pin heights allow me to train pin presses at different heights

  4. Zackary Parker

    My favourite piece of equipment in the gym

  5. Oliver Robles

    Feels like a monolift for bench pressing. I feel safe training alone

  6. Chanel Nolet

    The Fortis Bench Press has a lot of great qualities. The main attraction for me would have to be the swinging arms that have helped me dramatically increase my bench press without the use of spotters (when not available). I also love the arms as a adjustable safety feature and the stirdy grip pad on the bench itself.

  7. Didier Peron

    I knew I would like the fortis bench, so that is why I purchased it. A happy surprise was the rugged surface of the pad, which certainly is a plus. The whole bench is really sturdy and the spotter arms are long enough for anything to happen.

  8. Eason McLaughlin

    I was one of the first buyers of the Fortis Bench press and Incline bench press. When i saw the design i knew i needed it once it was available to the public. Once I received the bench I knew without a doubt Sean designed the best Bench Press on the market. Not only is it on par with top quality benches in terms of stability, comfort and overall build, the moving bar holders and safety bars sets this bench apart from any others. The lift off is superior to even the best spotter with a perfect lift off every time and the safety bars are a must for hard home training. Sean is a master when it comes to designing top quality equipment.

  9. Christian Scenna (Vice Principal of St Brother Andre CHS)

    The rack is amazing! It is used thoroughly every day by the fitness classes and the after school Barbell Club.

  10. Laura Rietmuller (McMaster University – Recreation Center Coordinator)

    Our members LOVE the Fortis Bench!

  11. Elazar Holmlund-Siegel

    The Fortis bench press is the best piece of equipment I have ever used in my life. Every single gym should have one, regular bench press racks are a sin…

  12. Joe Raasch

    Love it. It’s perfect

  13. Alan Chan

    I absolutely love it!

  14. Paul Goring

    I love the Fortis bench. When benching heavy, it’s important to keep your back tight and to protect your rotator cuffs by keeping your shoulders correctly positioned. The swinging arms of the Fortis bench allow me to setup properly and then stay tight and keep proper shoulder position as I un-rack the bar. It?s like getting a hand-off, even when I’m working alone. I can?t imagine benching without it these days.

  15. Laurie MacDougall Sookraj

    I like that the bench press has safety bars, that’s just great.

  16. Daniel Tran

    The bench press has made a world of difference in my training. Instead of having to worry about whether I miss the lift or not I can just focus on the lift

  17. Beverly Lingbaoan

    I like the bench for the lift off when the weight is heavy and I have no spotter

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